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Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90 - size 38
$161.96 USD
Sometimes the timing just has to be right. The POWERSLIDE FRC 90 is an innovative skate whose roots go back to 2008. That year saw the launch of the Greenline Phuzion, which was eco-friendly and made from recycled materials and bamboo. The market just wasn't there then, but POWERSLIDE never gave up on the goal of producing sustainable skates that contribute to harmony on our planet. The injection molded parts of the PHUZION RFC 90 inline fitness skate are made from at least 40% recycled materials, as is the core of the 90 mm wheels. Despite the skate's new, eco-friendly construction, you don't sacrifice durability or performance. This innovative inline fitness skate has been thoroughly tested to ensure it can withstand fast, intense workouts. The metal eyelets and hinge rivets of the PHUZION RFC 90 are uncoated, the laces are made of natural cotton and the lining is made of...
Powerslide Bolt 110mm 3D Adapt
$296.94 USD
In addition to the wheels and ball bearings, the fit of the inline skates is the decisive factor that decides whether it is fun or frustrating. The product developers at Powerslide have given the topic of "fit" a correspondingly intensive thought. The fact that this was extremely successful can be seen in the new 3D Adapt Padding upholstery , which immediately catches the eye with its honeycomb structure. The padding appears a little oversized at first, which changes when you try it on to enthusiasm about the perfect adaptation to your own foot. The combination of soft padding for maximum comfort, but not too soft and spongy seems to be spot on. At least for ambitious recreational skaters who want a little more comfort than performance from the new skate. The frame and wheel setup remains untouched compared to last season's Swell collection and still consists of the lightweight Elite...
Atom Pro Fitness 3x 125mm - size 39
$323.93 USD
New to Atom Skates is the Atom Pro Fitness! Developed for speed, marathon and fitness skaters alike. This impressive boot features a carbon fiber shell at an even more impressive price! The cuff is hinged to allow extended range of motion on your impacts while providing excellent support and comfort. This skate is a great option whether you want to hit the bike trail with friends or take part in your first marathon. Set consisting of: - Atom Pro fitness shoe - Striker Mark II rail - Bionic ABEC 7 bearings - Atom Matrix 86a 125mm
Powerslide ICON Wind - size 41
$629.89 USD $809.85 USD
An aerodynamically optimized, wind tunnel tested speed skate with the best materials available for a production shoe. For example, the laces disappear under a cover developed in cooperation with Bioracer to produce less wind resistance. The carbon shell, which is tailored to competition, has a sporty cut and can be deformed when heated, offers optimal support and, together with the Trinity Mounting, for the best values ​​in power transmission. The bar-extruded and CNC-machined XXX rail made of aerospace aluminum meets the highest quality standards. This ensures the frame meets the performance requirements of the world's best skaters. Conclusion: The Powerslide Icon Wind Trinity is a model for experienced speed skaters who are looking for top material.
$116.98 USD
The Powerslide Phuzion Universe inline skate is the ideal companion for adventurous children. The robust hard shell does everything. A comfortable inner shoe provides the necessary comfort during the many hours in the fresh air. It doesn't matter whether it's an exciting hockey match, a fun game of catch or just cruising - the children are guaranteed to have fun with the size-adjustable skate. And the bright red speedster is always an eye-catcher. Phuzion Universe 4W • High-quality, lightweight children's inline skate, adjustable over 4 sizes • Sturdy hard shell construction for lots of support and stability, perfect for kids • Very comfortable inner shoe thanks to multi-layer, anatomical padding • Perfect hold in the shoe thanks to the triple closure system consisting of a shaft buckle, a Velcro fastener over the instep and a lacing system • High-quality, stable 3-D stamped rail made of 6061 aluminum • Fast and...