Rollerblade Hydrogen Pro - Reel
$26.30 USD $26.30 USD
Rollerblade HYDROGEN PRO - Powered by MPC (made in USA) With the Hydrogen Pro, Rollerblade offers a top-class speed roller. The inline skate wheels are manufactured in the USA at the MPC factory. The wheels are suitable for marathon, track and road racing.
MPC BlackMagic
$25.38 USD $25.38 USD
The MPC Black Magic is MPC's world record reel. The characteristics of the roles: - excellent grip, - very low rolling resistance, - low wear properties, have proven themselves not only at the World Cup, but also beyond. Firm - soft X-Firm - medium hardness XX firm - hard Price per set (84mm to 110mm = 8 rolls, 125mm = 6 rolls)
ATOM Boom Magic - Reel
$18.41 USD $18.41 USD
The Boom Magic is the current TOP reel from ATOM. In cooperation with MPC, a compound was developed that is second to none. High speed, excellent rebound and enormous grip characterize this reel. MPC is known to have dominated the world championships with their roles for years, including Boom Magic.
Matter Propel 640 prototype
$110.74 USD $184.56 USD
Matter 640 prototype The 640 is the further development of the Propel and offers better running properties on the straight with still good behavior in the curve. It is the prototype, which has no imprint. Also, the core has been kept yellow instead of gray paired with the PU of the G13 reel. Hardness: F1 Size: 110mm Content: 8 rolls
Powerslide infinity Rollen (4Stk)
$35.05 USD $35.05 USD
Robuste Allround Speed- und Trainingsrolle von Powerslide. Die Infinity eignet sich gleichermaßen für Speedskater als Trainingsrolle und für Hobbyskater, die eine günstige aber schnelle Rolle im Austausch für die Originalrollen an den Skates suchen. Geeignet für alle Straßenbeläge.
$15.39 USD $33.21 USD
The One20five reel uses the wider reel profile for more comfort and grip. This is the perfect reel for more technical marathon events with lots of turns and different road surfaces. Matter's original One20five reel has been enhanced with the CHR core. The CHR core has been engineered to provide a more comfortable ride quality without sacrificing rolling performance. A notice: The variant of the CHR roles is the first generation. The excellent flex and comfort of the reel comes at the expense of stability and we recommend a maximum weight of 80kg and regular checking of the rims/cores .
$18.46 USD $18.46 USD
Matter's IMAGE wheel is an absolute upgrade for every skate. Matter's own PU guarantees outstanding rolling performance with little wear and tear, making the IMAGE an ideal training and competition role. The one-piece core allows for an extremely good price/performance ratio and rounds off the IMAGE into an optimal road and marathon reel. This reel has a hardness of F1/86A. BEAT YOUR BEST. 125mm: 6 wheels (1x) 90mm: 4 wheels (1x) 84mm: 8 wheels (1x) 80mm: 8 wheels (1x)
Powerslide Road Warrior 125mm
$24.91 USD $24.91 USD
V-Mart 125 - all-weather off-road tires This 5" x 1"; Tires are made for all weather conditions and offer good grip even in wet conditions. The tire features a lightweight yet strong and durable GRP rim. The coat is made of durable natural rubber. The tire has a Schrader valve with a maximum of 100 psi. / 7.0 bars.
ATOM Matrix
$8.07 USD $8.07 USD
Diese Rolle aus dem Hause Atom besitzt alle Eigenschaften, die eine gute Trainings- und Rennrolle haben muss. Der bewährte X-Flex-Kern mit einer neuen, robusten Rennmischung namens „Insane Thane“ macht dies möglich. - Härte: 86A - Lageraufnahme für Standard Kugellager (608)
Rollerblade Hydrogen - roll
$18.46 USD $18.46 USD
HYDROGEN - made in USA Made in the USA with an exclusive premium formula. The hollow core and premium polyurethane improve speed, grip and reduce wear. Characteristics: Optimal performance Premium Formula - High abrasion resistance and improved rebound Robust Core - For better acceleration and more grip Maximum grip
MPC Storm Surge - Rain Roll
$27.68 USD $27.68 USD
The MPC Storm Surge is the best rain reel on the market. Since 2007, it has been the undisputed grip of every skater in the wet. Price per set (8 rolls)
Junk Road Reaper - set
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The JUNK Road Reaper is one of the fastest sprint wheels in the world. Like the Black Magic, it also comes from MPC. Content: 8 rolls Size: 110mm
Junk Voodoo
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The Voodoo is one of the fastest reels in the world. Like the Black Magic, it also comes from MPC and is a true all-round talent. Price per set (8 rolls) Size: 110mm