Rollerblade Hydrogen Pro - Reel
$26.30 USD $26.30 USD
Rollerblade HYDROGEN PRO - Powered by MPC (made in USA) With the Hydrogen Pro, Rollerblade offers a top-class speed roller. The inline skate wheels are manufactured in the USA at the MPC factory. The wheels are suitable for marathon, track and road racing.
ATOM Boom Magic - Reel
$18.41 USD $18.41 USD
The Boom Magic is the current TOP reel from ATOM. In cooperation with MPC, a compound was developed that is second to none. High speed, excellent rebound and enormous grip characterize this reel. MPC is known to have dominated the world championships with their roles for years, including Boom Magic.
Matter Propel 640 prototype
$110.74 USD $184.56 USD
Matter 640 prototype The 640 is the further development of the Propel and offers better running properties on the straight with still good behavior in the curve. It is the prototype, which has no imprint. Also, the core has been kept yellow instead of gray paired with the PU of the G13 reel. Hardness: F1 Size: 110mm Content: 8 rolls
Junk Road Reaper - set
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The JUNK Road Reaper is one of the fastest sprint wheels in the world. Like the Black Magic, it also comes from MPC. Content: 8 rolls Size: 110mm
Luigino Bolt
$479.82 USD
The top model from the Luigino brand! The shoe has the integrated Pro-E sole technology. The sole also supports the arch of the foot and allows the foot to relax. In addition to the increase in performance achieved through comfort, the Pro-E sole reduces shin splints and foot cramps. Barefoot technology and AquaTech allow the shoe to fit like a second skin! Technical details - Mounting distance 195 mm - vertical mounting slots - Buckle: Luigino Nano buckle - waxed laces - Pro-E sole - AquaTech technology - BFT barefoot technology - ProBack heel - High-density sole padding - Inner material: microfiber
Powerslide Grand Prix Groeße 41
$553.68 USD
The flagship model in the power skating category gets a design update and it's strikingly understated. The matt black carbon shell with the black and gray Power Knit upper material is pure understatement. But the technical data of the high-performance inline skate stand out all the more. The optimal combination of speed (3x125mm wheels) and comfort (padded upper shoe) makes it particularly interesting for long-distance and endurance skaters who are looking for a sporty, but still comfortable skate. The heat-moldable fiberglass-carbon composite shell of the shoe, together with two ratchet fasteners, ensures a perfect fit, the Powerslide XXX Trinity frame ensures a low center of gravity with the best power transmission. With the Matter Image wheels with a diameter of 125mm and the Wicked Swiss ball bearings, you are equipped with top material for a marathon race as well as for daily training. Conclusion: A power skate for advanced, ambitious...
XXX 125mm - 12.6"
$193.78 USD
The Powerslide Triple-X series stands for the highest quality and best workmanship. Accordingly, the frame for 3x125mm wheels is aimed at ambitious and advanced speed skaters who are looking for a light and stiff aluminum frame. Best control and unsurpassed power transmission make the frame a permanent guest on the podium. This is the rare variant in blue! It is demonstration goods, which has slight traces of assembly. Hole spacing: 195mm Length: 12.6" Roll size: max. 3x 125mm
Gift voucher TAX Shop
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Whether for a birthday, for Christmas, as a recognition or just because. Make your counterpart happy with a gift voucher for the TAX Racing shop. Can be used for all products.