HTB Gladiator Evo Hybrid 1 Stk.

Gladiator Evo Hybrid means smooth running in its purest form! The hybrid bearing with stainless steel rings and silicon nitride balls has unbeatable properties in all conditions. The Gladiator Evo Hybrid runs smoothly even if the lubricant has been washed out, for example, by spray water during long periods of use in the rain.

Technical specifications:
- Tolerances: according to DIN625
- Rings material: hardened stainless steel
- Ball material: SI3N4 (silicon nitride), number: 7
- Material cage: snap cage made of PA66
- Sealing: non-contact removable LB seal made of NBR, on both sides
- Greasing: Isoflex from Klüber

$7.31 USD