The new RANGER frame, by LGO!

A revolutionary aluminium frame with uncomparable features, now available.

Made in ALU 7575 T6, the most performing material available, it is an engineering wonder that comes from an attentive work on its structure. The external curved shape is wide on top for a better support base under the mountain blocks and more adjustment possibilities. At half height the profile firstly goes narrower and then wider again to leave internally the space for the real secret: two strong nervations, reinforcing the shoulder of the frame for a great and steady stiffness from top to bottom.

This trick gives the possibility to lighten the thickness of the design without losing structural strength or having too much torsion.

The inner bridges are not straight but gently curved to allow a better absorption of vibrations and impacts.

The result is a light 189g 13"20 4*110mm, strong, stiff and statelv.

$116.65 USD