Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90 - size 38

Sometimes the timing just has to be right. The POWERSLIDE FRC 90 is an innovative skate whose roots go back to 2008. That year saw the launch of the Greenline Phuzion, which was eco-friendly and made from recycled materials and bamboo. The market just wasn't there then, but POWERSLIDE never gave up on the goal of producing sustainable skates that contribute to harmony on our planet. The injection molded parts of the PHUZION RFC 90 inline fitness skate are made from at least 40% recycled materials, as is the core of the 90 mm wheels. Despite the skate's new, eco-friendly construction, you don't sacrifice durability or performance. This innovative inline fitness skate has been thoroughly tested to ensure it can withstand fast, intense workouts. The metal eyelets and hinge rivets of the PHUZION RFC 90 are uncoated, the laces are made of natural cotton and the lining is made of bamboo. The inner padding consists of recycled, extremely comfortable foam, while the upper materials are based on canvas, hemp and cotton. The toe cap shape has been redesigned to eliminate the need for glue or mesh, reducing excess material and waste. The wheels of this progressive inline fitness skate are unprinted, while the light, strong frames are made of 40% recycled, uncoated aluminum. With this skate you get everything you need for fast workouts and fun skating sessions while limiting the skate's impact on the environment. The PHUZION RFC 90 inline fitness skate is a small step forward to contribute to a more positive future for the planet - back then we said "Greenline - One love, one planet", now we say "Roll for change".

$164.10 USD