Powerslide Shock Sleeve elbow pads

The ENNUI SHOCK SLEEVE elbow pad is a lightweight and extremely flat soft shell protector with maximum freedom of movement. The elastic Lycra stocking with its silicone anti-slip straps always fits perfectly and offers maximum comfort. Soft, flexible MYFIT SPC foam padding hardens on impact, providing unparalleled impact protection. Thanks to the TPU coating, the saver also offers slide protection in the event of a fall at high speed. The ENNUI SHOCK SLEEVE is the first choice for all longboarders, speed skaters or action athletes who are looking for an inconspicuous sleeve that can also be worn under clothing. Only when the protector protects you from injury will you realize that you are wearing it at all. TOTAL FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, TOTAL PROTECTION.
Recommended for: Skateboard, Bike, Longboard, Inline Skating, Speeskating, Roller Derby, Roller Skating, Streetboard, Scooter, Off-Road Skating

$50.25 USD