Powerslide Shock Sleeve knee pads

The ENNUI Shock Sleeve Knee Pads are slip-on pads that ensure low weight and low-profile, soft shell protection with maximum flexibility. The stretchable Lycra fabric with silicone anti-slip straps gives the SHOCK SLEEVE Pad its perfect fit and flexibility. Soft and flexible, MYFIT SPC padding becomes tough against impact, providing unparalleled protection and shock absorption while remaining comfortable and unhindering your movements. Our anatomically shaped padding includes a special abrasion-resistant TPU coating. The ENNUI Shock sleeves offer reliable crash protection with excellent freedom of movement. A good choice for those looking for unobtrusive protection under their clothing. Until they save you from a fall, nobody will notice you're wearing pads, not even yourself. Free movement, complete FULL PROTECTION.
Recommended for: derby, roller skating, skateboarding, biking, longboarding, inline skating, streetboarding, scooters, off-road skating, snow sports, watersports.

$64.59 USD